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BEATLESS(working title)

" Beatless" is a short stop-motion animated film that tells the story of young Ailsa, who grows up with an old island tale explaining her dad's absence. Beginning to notice the whole in her family, Ailsa bravely sets out to find the truth behind her mum's tale, hoping she can make their hearts whole again.

This stop motion animation film was funded and developed through "Sharp Shorts" and the film talent team at Short Circuit,  who run this BFI and Screen Scotland short film scheme. The short film is currently under production.


Writer, Director and Animator: Ana Songel
Producer: Misha McCullagh
Executive Producer: Lauren Lamarr, Nic Crum, Naysun Alae-Carew with Blazing Griffin
Production Manager: Serena Gardner
Post Production Manager: Rebecca Morrow
DOP: Andrew O’Connor
Editor: David Hunter
Sound Design: Heather Andrews
Composer: Mark Hendry
Production Design: Erin Hamill
Production Design Consultant: Ryan Clachrie 
Model Maker: Lara Jones
Prop Maker: Kirsteen Lyth
Puppet and Costume Maker: Andrea Casadevall

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